Turkey’s agenda changes rapidly every day, many events develop each week.

Culture and Art agenda changes as fast as the political agenda.

Compared to Europe and The United States which suffer from economic crises, Turkey has shown a rapid growth, Turkey has made its name globally in the field of art.

Turkey’s importance in the region is recognized by the neighboring countries.

Turkey’s culture, arts and artists arouse more interest in the Arabic world with each passing day.

Panorama program aims at giving the accurate information through both the right channel and hosting qualified guests.

This program provides a panoramic view over the agenda. And it reflects all developments in Turkey, news that interest the Arabic world, private files and topics, in addition to culture and art in Turkey.

What’s on Turkey’s agenda?

What are the hot topics in Turkey?

What about culture and art activities?

How do the traditional and modern interpretations of music come together?

This program aims at answering all those questions. It covers news and topics related to the agenda by hosting qualified guests.

Panorama gives the Arabic world an objective viewpoint over Turkey’s news, culture and art, health, music and many other topics, and it achieves that through the right channel and the right style.

Panorama covers all topics that interest the Arab viewers.

TRT Arabic broadcasts Panorama program live on weekdays from 11:00 to 13:00. The program includes news, culture and art, and it is ranked as the most watched program in TRT Arabic. The program is divided into different parts and each part covers certain topics including art, life style, culture, beauty and other hot topics.

Esma Saeb Afandi and Tony Mansour.

In the agenda corner Tony discusses important issues with an objective point of view, while Esma Saeb Efendi tackles hot topics in culture, art and music. And by hosting qualified guests Esma takes us through an enjoyable and rich conversation ending up giving the right messages to the Arabic audience…..

From Turkey to the Arab world ...

From the first day, Panorama has been keen to discuss all topics that arouse interest in the Arab world. And it enlightened the Arab viewer about all political developments in Turkey and in the whole world. And it brought all activities in culture and art into the screen. It also hosted many famous stars in the Turkish TV and cinema sectors.

And that is why the Arab viewer continues to watch each new episode of Panorama.