Sabah El Khair Min İstanbul

Sabah El Khair Min Istanbul has covered various topics from Turkish life style, to the Women's issues, cultural events, the fine arts, literature with the famous guests and specialists since TRT Arabic started its broadcasts in 05 April 2010.  The programme is live between 11:00 and 13:00 everyday from Sunday to Thursday with the presentation of and Yasemin Kutsi Aslan and Karema Awad.

Many well respected musicians and the famous actor and actresses of the Turkish cinema/TV have been guests of Sabah el Khair Min Istanbul.

The programme is in Arabic and the speeches of the Turkish speaking guests are translated into Arabic simultaneously.

The telephone and e-mail questions of  the audiences are answered by the presenters, the guests and the specialists  in the live programme.

Everyday there is 20 minutes long live connections with Cairo studio.

VTRs are prepared about the guests and the events mentioned in the programme. All the topics that are covered in the programme are enriched by the visual materials.

Sabah El Khair Min İstanbul