Banu Kutun

She graduated from Mimar Sinan University Archeology and Art History in 1989. She took part among the original founders of the Hasankeyf Preservation Committee and achieved studies of forming public opinion.

She holds a master’s degree in Art Nouveau Architecture Kadıköy-Moda Region at İstanbul Technical University. Between 1990-1998 she attended a Ph.D. program Cihangir Gümüşsuyu Region About Social and Architecture Structure at the Begining of the 20th Century.

During the year of 2006, she had been at Okey Enterprises Company in New York for producing photographs and graphic studies.

She had been working at Obscura, founded by her, as editor and researcher.



2015 CEO | onbitv

2016 CEO | hobiruum


2012  Production Coordinator, Seconds, Short Film, Istanbul, Turkey

2010  Production Coordinator, Ali Emiri Efendi, Documentary, Agency, Istanbul, Turkey

2010  Production Coordinator, Secrets of Istanbul, Docu-Drama, Obscura Film, Istanbul, Turkey

1993 - Present    Photographer, Manager, Obscura Film, Istanbul , Turkey

2006 Okey Enterprises, New York, USA

1993 - 1990 Cobalt Photography Studio, Istanbul , Turkey

1990 - 1989 Photography Design Center , Istanbul , Turkey


"TOKI", Housing Convention 2011, Exhibition Curator, Istanbul Congress Center, Istanbul, 2011

"ART NOUVEAU (1890-1930) From Europe to Istanbul ” Darphane-i Amire Building, Istanbul, 2005

"Art Nouveau in Istanbul” Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, 1993

"Invitation from East Anatolia ” Ankara University, The Faculty of Languages, History, and Geography, Ankara, 1991

"Invitation from East Anatolia ” Press Museum, Istanbul, 1990

" Hasankeyf Must Live” Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul , 1988


Istanbul Cuisine: A Harmony of Flavors, ITO, 2021 | Editor

A Noble Beauty, TİGEM, 2013 | Creative Director, Editor

Encyclopedia of Istanbul, Tarih Vakfı, 1994

Banu Kutun